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For German-born artist, Elisabeth Freise-Mick, painting and the arts have been one of her greatest joys and passions. As long as she can remember, she has expressed herself creatively in some form. When deciding on a career, she almost went to art school, but then pursued another passion, travel, becoming a travel agent. Painting and other expressions became her pastimes, taking occasionally art classes from local artists and through community colleges.

In her 20's, Elisabeth especially enjoyed working in watercolors, painting mainly landscapes and flowers, which were well received and led to an invitation to exhibit at a regional art show. While living in Cologne, she occasionally brought her paints, brushes and paper with her to a restaurant with live music, for some inspired painting. Later, while working in Munich, she engaged in the arts mainly by visits to museums, like the famous Alte Pinakothek, art exhibits, galleries, and travels to Greece, Italy, and Austria.

An opportunity to work as a travel agent in the USA, through an international work exchange program, brought Elisabeth to Kansas, where she met her future husband. After the birth of their second child, she and her family moved to Oregon, where they have lived for over 25 years. From the mid 90's on, Elisabeth began taking art classes again, studying Process Painting both with Ken Rothman and Aviva Gold (which led to offering her own first workshop); acrylic Still-Life with Pat Barrett; and Sand Painting with Judy Vogland. She also experienced Vision Painting for the first time in 1996, seeing a wolf appear on the living room wall of an acquaintance, that conveyed such a strong sense of wanting to be brought into form, painting "itself" within three days. After becoming an "empty nester" Elisabeth decided to make art and painting a greater part and priority in her life, creating her first dedicated art space in a small spare room. She then discovered the wonderful online courses offered by California artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud, with whom she began studying in November 2011. Enjoying the beauty and transformational power of Intentional Creativity, Elisabeth took Shiloh's 2013 'Color of Woman Method' teacher training, to share this process with her community. In 2014 she moved her art studio into a larger room by converting the family room into her new studio and workshop space, where she has thought classes and hosts a Women's Creativity Circle. For her own enjoyment, learning, and inspiration, Elisabeth continues to take classes from other artists, like Flora Bowley's 'Bloom True' and Jesse Reno's 'Freedom to Create'. In 2018, to update her knowledge in the expressive arts, she took the course, 'Healing Through Art: Train the Trainer', through California State University Institute for Palliative Care.

Other interests and trainings include:

Shamanism (through The Foundation for Shamanic Studies 1993/1995)
Herbalism (through Lane Comunity College 1994)
Shamanic Herbal Training in the Wise Woman Tradition (with Julie Charette Nunn 2006)
Etheric Healing (with Eric Vormanns 1996)
Alchemical Healing Level I + II (with Nicki Scully 1997)
Ordained Minister (through SHES 1997)
Star Essence Practitioner Certification (with Star Riparetti 1999)
Vipassana Meditation (through Northwest Vipassana Center)
Hospice Volunteer (through Willamette Valley Hospice 1999)
Hospice Volunteer (through Compassion In Action "The Twilight Brigade" 2000)
Death Midwife (Home Funeral Guide) Certification (through Final Passages 2005/2006)
'Caring for our Own at Death' training (through Crossings 2009)

Very fond of Essential Oils and using them daily for the past 15 years, Elisabeth is also a Distributor of Young Living
Essential Oils. Please feel free to contact her with any questions.

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